. . . unless you want their fist going down your throat, I suggest that’s where you keep your words.

Cody Naccarato, Highlights
February 3, 2011
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Anger dominates the way that we feel. It controls our life in almost every way. How you react to an everyday situation, can make or break you in life. My constant obstacle is that I can never vent in a way that is productive and that everybody walks out with their limbs intact. So to compensate, I curse.

But where is the excitement in your garden variety F and S words. There are A, B, C, D, R, P, and U words but which to use. Simply put, you can never really use any of them. Every one of these is a drama scene waiting to happen.  

In school, your options to vent are slim. Punching a locker? Good way to break your hand. Kicking a teacher? Well, nobody would call you stupid, but you’d have to be pretty miffed to resort to that, first. Cursing is sometimes a students only outlet to rage out the anger.

I’ve been in situations where I felt a teacher was being unreasonable, or was so high up on their pedestal that I wanted to knock him/her down. That was a long time ago, and I realized that sometimes you need to let out some steam.

Cursing. Controversy To-Go  is more like it. If you do it on cops they put a blur around your mouth. The words you wield are powerful. The association of those words can sting badly. Unless you want their fist going down your throat, I suggest that’s where you keep your words. So how do you vent? Make your own curse words. You vent, and they are none the wiser. Instead, you leave them more confused then insulted, and while they’re four function calculator brain finally puts it together, you’ll be long and gone.

I always use Grumblefuff. While I am not going to tell you what Grumblefuff actually means, or its origin, all I will say is it’s pretty self explanatory, if you put your minds to it. I use it as almost a regular word. I say it darn near loud, and don’t stutter. Get somebody to think your cursing under your breath and you’ll be out of there faster than the Marlins in the NLCS.  Use it as if you are complaining. Use it wisely though.

You don’t have to limit yourself to Grumblefuff. Try some other words that could be a good vent word. Maybe you could try, Pittletrough or Fufftatuff. The point is that people need to realize that while school can be a prison sometimes, and a home away from home other times, you need to respect the fact that people come here and expect not to here expletives shouted in the hallways. Some people say, that people who curse for the sake of cursing have small vocabularies.

You know what I say to them? Grumblefuff

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